The Master’s Class practices a biblical philosophy of admissions. The Master’s Class accepts student application regardless of gender, race, color, national origin or ethnic background. The Master’s Class does not discriminate in the administration of its policies, admission, scholarships, athletic, and other school directed programs.

The Master’s Class Student Enrollment Application

The Master’s Class Kindergarten Prep Application

The Master’s Class School Calendar 2016_17


  • Upon receipt of the completed admission’s application and application fee, a family interview will be arranged with the Principal. Applications and fees may be mailed to:

The Master’s Class, P.O. box 251, Sullivan, Indiana 47882

  • Following the interview and a review of the required information (as stated on the application form), the Principal, Head of Curriculum & Instruction, and classroom teacher will make a final decision regarding student admission.
  • The Principal will notify the parents of the final decision regarding acceptance.
  • All financial arrangements between the family and the school must be understood before an admission is considered final.


  • The Master’s Class parents are not required to be Christians. However, they should have a clear understanding of the biblical philosophy and purpose of The Master’s Class. This understanding includes a willingness to have their child exposed to the clear teaching (not forced indoctrination) of the school’s Statement of Faith.
  • The Master’s Class parents should be willing to cooperate with all of the written policies of The Master’s Class. Areas of importance include: 1) Discipline and Schoolwork standards, and 2) Active communication with the respective teacher(s)

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