The Master’s Class, under the delegation of the family, seeks to teach and discipline in a manner consistent with the Bible and a Godly home environment. We believe that God’s character is revealed not only in His Word but also in every facet of creation. Therefore, we teach that all knowledge is interrelated (integrated) and can instruct us about God himself. The Master’s Class will individually challenge children at all levels and will teach them how to learn using the century’s old, proven, classical method, emphasizing instruction in Latin, Math, Music, and Literature. Our teacher directed classrooms are quiet, orderly, and disciplined. In this environment, students learn that all they do should be done “heartily, as unto the Lord.” Therefore, we encourage quality academic work and we maintain high standards of conduct.

Model School: Highlands Latin School

The Master’s Class Kindergarten Prep Application

The Master’s Class Student Enrollment Application

The Master’s Class 2016-17 Calendar

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