The Master’s Class Music Program

“Next to the Word of God, the noble art of music is the greatest treasure in the world.”
-Martin Luther

The Master’s Class offers the following weekly music classes:
• Keyboard
• Classical Guitar
• Vocal

Mr. Jack Templeton teaches guitar lessons, and Mrs. Kelley Harbaugh teaches keyboard, drums, brass, woodwinds, and vocal lessons.

Monthly Fees:
• $50 per month for 9 months beginning September 15th and ending May 15th payable to The Master’s Class
• Instrument Rent-to-Own (Keyboard or Guitar) is available but not mandatory. Price varies. If you own an instrument, please have it approved by your child’s instructor.
• Scholarships are available.

Class Size:
• Class size will be limited to no more than three students.
• Class size will depend on student aptitude.

• Monday – Friday
• One weekly 30 minute lesson

Music Recitals:
• The Master’s Class will host two music recitals during the school year; a Winter Recital and a Spring Recital.
• Students will wear Formal Attire for the recitals.

Music Theory:
• All students will receive grade level appropriate Music Theory instruction.
• Music Theory introduces basic music fundamentals including rhythm and vocal techniques.
• Music theory familiarizes students with famous composers and classical music.

Choral Music:
• All students will participate in choral music on Thursday or Friday afternoon from 2:30 – 3:25

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